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Neha Dhupia on Her Impromptu Wedding: Best Things Happen in Life Quickly, I Don’t Regret It - News18

Neha Dhupia says even if she was given six months or a year to prep for her wedding, she would have done it the exact same way.

Neha Dhupia on Her Impromptu Wedding: Best Things Happen in Life Quickly, I Don’t Regret It
Image: Twitter/NehaDhupia
Neha Dhupia got married to Angad Bedi in a private ceremony last May. However, not many know that the wedding was planned in just 48 hours.

Talking about it, Dhupia told Hindustan Times, “Sometimes, the best things happen in life so quickly but I don’t regret it. If I was given even six months or a year to prep for my wedding, I would have had a small wedding, would get married in baby pink and would do an Anand Karaj and would want to get married to Angad again. There is nothing else that I want.”

She gave birth to her daughter—Mehr Dhupia Bedi—six months later in November. On the one thing that she or Bedi has given up post Mehr’s birth, she said, “Angad hasn’t, but I have, and that’s sleeping.” On the tell-all episode of her podcast show No Filter Neha featuring Bedi during which he revealed the private details about their wedding and pregnancy, Dhupia said, “Everything that was meant to be hidden, he went and told on the show. As a wife, I wanted to hide everything but as a producer, I thought it was the right thing to put it out there.” Incidentally, on the show Bedi had revealed how they broke the news of Dhupia’s pregnancy to their parents. “Considering that you (Dhupia) didn’t want to break the news that you were expecting, so we had to tell them that we need to get married and we love each other.

“I was extremely nervous because that was the judgement day, technically. To break the news to your parents, I really had cold feet as clearly it was not going to come from you (Dhupia). Everything had to come for me. I had to really man up and speak. I just had to blurt it out and see the reaction,” he had said.

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