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I swapped my 4-year-old iPhone 5S for a coral iPhone XR - and it's been a massive adjustment

iPhones Lydia 5Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

I'd been putting it off. 

Before October 26, I hadn't gotten a new phone since Christmas Eve 2014. I'd resisted the temptation of the new phones that my colleagues were reviewing, coveting the cameras their phones carry but telling myself that my iPhone 5S was still kicking, and therefore should be fine.

But in July, things started going awry. Sure, I'd been losing battery much faster than I'd like for a while now, but then my Touch ID stopped working, and my phone stopped taking calls. I got good at typing my passcode and carrying around my charger, but once I couldn't connect with the world by phone, things got bleak.

So, after almost four years and much consultation with BI's tech reporters, I made the switch at their recommendation to the iPhone XR. What ensued was a bumpy - if not exhilarating - transition.